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“Working with Cindy is an absolute pleasure.  She is warm, kind, supportive, and always sounds genuinely happy to be on the call with me – it’s such a fabulous to start the morning on the days I work with Cindy!  She’s also very good at pointing out limiting language and the moments I get in my own way which is great because she catches things I would never see on my own.  I’ve grown a lot since we started working together, and I’ve been able to push through fears and take on challenges I wouldn’t have been able to overcome on my own.  I’m now building a website I believe in, have taken huge strides in getting over my fear of talking to strangers on the phone, and am now in greater alignment with my authentic self than I could have imagined a few months ago.  And the good news is that it’s only getting better from here :)”

Ainsley G, salaried entrepreneur, 29

“I have only been working with you for a short time and you have been such an inspiration to me, guiding me in an insightful, meaningful way. You are a master coach Cindy, in your content, your flexibility and intuitiveness, a true gift of kindness and compassion. Thank you for being my “lighthouse” in my journey of finding balance, peace and happiness.”  D.N. Vice President Corporate Services

My sessions with Cindy could not have come at a more appropriate time in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and these weekly conversations and the insights gained were exactly what I needed to help me change. I am more at peace with life and what it brings my way.  I am forever grateful for her unique set of skills and  amazing insight throughout her coaching process. Thank you, Cindy.
Cathy B.  BSc. Kinesiologist., Personal Trainer

“You have coached me on many occasions where I have felt stuck in different aspects of my life. After each coaching session I have had with you I have been able to release the issue that I was dealing with and move forward. More importantly, I always leave the session inspired and empowered. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and support.” Claire S. Entrepreneur

“My job has always required many hours a day, and at least six days a week. Even with all of that effort we sometimes find that we have not advanced, and just barely kept up.  Cindy’s program has helped me to keep focused on my goals, and just the thought of her bi-weekly coaching call to discuss my results, gives me the added push to make them a reality.”  P.C. CMA

“As a result of my participation in Cindy’s coaching program I have re-examined my career goals.  Thanks to this introspective approach and coaching from Cindy, I have been able to determine where my real passion lies and am in the process of getting into action to turn this desire into reality.  The step-by-step approach brings about small but important change that over time makes a significant impact. This has been an ongoing path of discovery that I recommend to anyone who wonders if this is it or is there more to life. Thank you Cindy for your patience and support.”  Sue R. Senior Sales Manager

In experiencing the coaching routine, I have a more in-depth understanding of the word accomplishments. For me, working on a daily basis to recognize, has been more beneficial.  It allows for easier change and shifting with hope of it becoming a more natural occurrence without having to track it.  Understood how our “circumstances” of life can cause any disruption of our “staying on track”.  It is working within those circumstances and going through them to continue to be on track where we do not become discouraged.  This is where knowing you can wake up the next day and begin again.  Tracking daily allowed me to catch a glimpse of how flat I was really living my life.  
Susan B. Executive Assistant

“Thank you, Cindy, it was wonderful working with you as my professional coach! Your dynamic presence and a personalized approach was exactly what I needed to bring about powerful and lasting changes to my personal and professional life. Look forward to more solution-focused coaching with you! “ Daria S. MA, IC-LSC

“For me the biggest benefit I’m getting from coaching is that it keeps me accountable and has kept me on track even when in the past I would have given up.”  C.S. Sales Manager

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