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Areas of Focus

There are many reasons why people hire a coach.  Listed below are some of the areas of focus where clients invest in the support of a coach.

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Life Coaching: If you have ever dreamed of a different life.  Whether you want to break old habits, reduce stress, create a new direction, understand your values and the contribution you want to make, having a personal life coach might be your answer.  Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to go beyond where you thought possible, break repetitive negative patterns and hold you accountable to your commitments.

Executive/Management Coaching whether you are a senior executive wanting to develop your leadership skills, a high potential employee who is headed for management or a supervisor for the first time, executive coaching can be an invaluable resource in your development.  You can target specific areas where you want to see change, set out a plan and have the coach guide you to stay on track to achieving your goals.

Career Coaching:  Not sure where to go next? Not sure you are in the right job? Career Coaching can help you tap into your inner guidance and explore yours areas of passion so you can find and keep your most fulfilling work.

Sales Coaching: Whether you work for yourself or a corporation, having a coach can be just the support you need to meet and surpass your sales objectives. Successful salespeople in all industries have generated more results by having a powerful sales coach.

Relationship Coaching: If deepening existing relationships and attracting more compatible relationships is important to you, then the focus of your coaching agreement will provide you with the support, tools and techniques to create the most powerful relationships in your life.

  • Family
  • Spouse
  • Friends
  • Dating
  • Colleagues

Entrepreneurial Coaching: Running a small business brings with it a multitude of challenges and opportunities. For a sole proprietor it can be overwhelming at times.  Having a personal life coach can feel like a life-line at times, someone there to guide you as you move forward to achieving your business goals.


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