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Mastering Your Inner Game (CD)

Absolutely everything that happens in our life starts with a thought.  Most of our thoughts are unconscious and habitual and we are not even aware of how our past is still very present in our day to day lives.

A lot of what we think about from the past is often negative and can greatly impact the quality of our life today. The Little Voice Mastery CD is a collection of tips and techniques that author Cindy Stradling has learned and put into practice over the past 25 years and she has been able to live a more balanced life since becoming more of a master of her “little voice in her head.”

Your inner dialogue will never go away and with your raised awareness to the content of what is habitually been said inside your head, you can learn to minimize the negative impact some of these limiting thoughts can have.

Don’t take our word for it try it yourself.  Monitor your thoughts for just a day and write down the various things you say to yourself.  You may be surprised… I know I was.

The tips and techniques on this CD will help you raise your awareness and learn to maintain your power when your thoughts go in a negative direction.

The goal of these tips and techniques is to help you achieve a more balanced and peaceful inner life.

“It’s become easier to keep a positive frame of mind and boost my confidence to benefit my life. I’m a lot more open and comfortable with myself.” Christina B

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