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Becoming a SELF Defined Woman

Thank you to everyone who joined me in celebrating the launch of my new book at the Toronto Woman’s Book Store on February 26, 2012


In this highly engaging and interactive book, the reader can celebrate and explore what being “SELF” defined means to them.  We can all learn so much from each other and this book provides a template for discovery.  Cindy encourages every woman who reads this book to also write their own book and share their personal stories to inspire other women to live to their full potential.

You can also purchase on line at either of the following links;


Balboa Press:      Book $11.99 US   e-Book $3.99 US

We all make a difference!!!

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What People are saying about the book:

“Cindy has been a key person in my journey. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and mentoring has help me be the person I am today. I have read and listened to all her books and material and she an inspiration to all. Her newest book Becoming a Self Defined Women gives you the practical tools to getting the most out of your life. The book is a workbook on your life. I love how it is easy to read and gives you simply inspiring chapters with key tips and actions to unleash your true potential. Steps to becoming a self defined women. I highly recommend this book to anyone committed to growing to their fullest.” Anita H.

“Perfect timing as I feel like I am sinking with this business, your book gave me the kick to get back in the game. – Thank you so much for that.”  A.F.